Our software was born out of necessity

Thanks to this, our software is the most versatile and user-friendly in Estonia.

Our software was born out of necessity

Thanks to this, our software stands out as the most versatile and user-friendly option in Estonia.
What inspires us

We are mechanics at heart!

We appreciate machines in order, tools in their right place, and squeezing optimal performance from engines. It’s with the same mindset that we approach the development of our software.

We create more opportunities

Our commitment is to consistently embrace and leverage all the innovative and practical opportunities that the advancements in technology present.


While new technology may be complex, our software is not. Our goal is to maintain simplicity and user-friendliness in everything we offer.

Kristo's story

How did it all start?

In 2009, tired of managing workshop activities through notebooks and memory, I realized the need for a more efficient solution. However, finding software tailored for a vehicle workshop’s comprehensive management needs proved challenging.

Undeterred, I conceived an idea that, while not groundbreaking, would forever change the landscape of many vehicle workshops. Fueled by the practical demands of daily work, I quietly initiated the development process. Securing programmers and relying on my own funds, I laid the foundation for new software.

This journey wasn’t marked by massive investments or angel investors, but a steady commitment to improvement over the past decade. Through trial and error, simplifying user experiences, and leveraging opportunities in the rapidly evolving IT field, our software grew.

As the years passed, I enlisted top-level programmers, consultants, service advisors, and accountants, incorporating invaluable experiences and forward-thinking ideas from both myself and long-term customers.

By the summer of 2022, I reached a milestone – a point where I was ready to share our new software with Estonian workshops. I am confident that this software, developed over more than a decade, will significantly ease vehicle workshop management, saving both time and money.”

Kristo Post


With over 15 years of experience managing a vehicle repair workshop, I was motivated to create this software due to the lack of suitable management solutions.

you can't do everything alone

We value our strong partnerships

You can move fast alone, but you can go further together. Carefully selected professionals contribute to the development of our software. 

Development team

Our software is crafted by a skilled team with a proven track record of developing various systems within the same sector.

WOW Digital

Partnering with experienced digital marketing wizards enables us to navigate the media landscap.

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