Vehicle workshop management software

Our software solves all the administrative needs of your workshop and saves time and money.

Vehicle workshop management software

Our software addresses all the administrative needs of Your workshop, saving You time and money.
Take your workshop to a whole new level

We offer You countless opportunities

Super easy UX

You don't need to be an IT specialist to use our software. Anyone can do it.

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Comprehensive history

Stay up to date with services, notes, and MOTs. The logical structure makes finding information easy.

Convenient CRM

Effortlessly link vehicles to different customers and vice versa. Adding and changing them is both easy and fast.

Dynamic work schedule

Efficiently plan work using a unique calendar that enables You to assign various tasks among employees.

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Online bookings

Your clients can conveniently schedule appointments within Your work schedule 24/7.

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A powerful search engine

You can search for customers and vehicles using various criteria, anything from names to engine numbers.

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Add vehicles fast

We retrieve information from the vehicle registry, saving You time and ensuring accurate ordering of spare parts.

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Add customers with ease

You can instantly retrieve company data from the business registry. We also display customer tax debts.

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Add articles quickly

Predefine articles for quick addition to transactions with a few clicks.

Compact service information

A quick overview of what and when needs servicing provides a competitive edge for additional sales.

Mileage predictor

Knowing the expected mileage helps You plan the work and reminds Your customer of the upcoming service.

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SMS notifications

Automatically send notifications to Your customers about booked or completed jobs.

A modern payment solution

Instead of paying by card, You can use the integrated payment system, which is more than 10x cheaper.

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Receive money faster

The automatically added payment link on the invoice enables customers to pay more quickly and conveniently.

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E-invoices at no cost

Send e-invoices for free, no need for a separate interface.

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Effortless accounting

You can transfer sales invoices directly to Merit Aktiva, Smartaccounts, or Simplbooks seamlessly

Simple cash register

Track the flow of cash without hassle, leaving no room for mistakes.

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Statistical reporting

Different ratios and graphs aid in analyzing Your business and planning the next steps.

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Simple work time report

Analyze technicians' work hours and sellers' transactions.

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Specific sales information

Track the revenue generated by each customer or vehicle in Your workshop

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Supplier data

Monitor Your suppliers closely. Ratios assist in making informed decisions.

Unlimited users

The number of users does not impact Your costs. Add as many as You need.

Your data is safe

Data resides on a secure server protected by multiple layers of security.

Regular backups

Peace of mind is ensured by regularly backed up database copies.

Our software is user-friendly

Simple and logical to use

We have invested significant effort in ensuring that our software is fast, straightforward, and intuitive.

Necessary connections

We have built bridges with registries, accounting softwares, payment providers, and other service providers.

Ready to use

Software is set up quickly. That way, all systems are operational and ready for use in no time.

Why does Your workshop need it?

Work more efficiently

Get customer and vehicle details, including service history, in seconds. Simplify tasks from work planning and spare part ordering to seamless customer invoicing.

Reduce card payment costs

Opt for a modern payment system instead of card payments, with a service fee over 10 times cheaper. Many users have reported that the savings from these transactions can cover the monthly cost of our software.

Sell more

Our software automatically sends reminders about upcoming services. The smart system takes into account the service interval, previous and predicted mileage.

Save time

One of the main reasons for creating this software was the time spent finding and analyzing vehicle service histories. Today, we have eliminated all unnecessary steps.

You are in good company with us

What do users think of our software?

The monthly fee is only 50€

Our software features a fixed monthly fee! The pricing remains unchanged, regardless of the number of users. The software was originally developed to meet our own needs, so sharing it with others is a bonus.

Our customers have said that the time saved and the savings on banking costs easily cover management software’s monthly payment, leaving even more money in the company account.

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